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1941 Topographical Red Line Rubicon Blackout Hood Decal- Fits Jeep Wrangler & Gladiator JL Hood Decal (3 Pieces)

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Large Blackout color line decal with 1941 Topography lines cut to fit on the 2018 & newer Jeep Wrangler JL and 2020 and newer Jeep Gladiator hood. Designed to fit around washer nozzles.

Measures approximately 22" x 33".

Matte black with gloss color. Topographical lines and 1941 are gloss black and premasked. Decals are cut sent separately, for you to align and apply. Apply red using the wet method first, then after dry, repeat with black layer, then gloss decal using wet method.

Decal has cutouts for hood loops with slight gap for easier installation.

Oracal 651

Due to feedback from a few 2021 and newer Rubicon owners, there is a slight chance of washer nozzle misalignment. We recommend opting for this decal without a washer nozzle cutouts for Rubicon hoods.

-"Dark red" is closest to Rubicon red
-"Orange" is closest to Mojave Orange

-Light Blue is closest to 4XE (non metallic)


Customer Reviews

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Jason Noll
Good stuff, but the design is flawed

Speaking as a graphic designer and someone who installs vinyl on planes and cars. I’m not the best opinion, but I believe my opinion has some weight.

First off, the vinyl needs to be 3M airless 1080 or 2080 vinyl. Lastly, The design is a little out of order. When it comes to the topographical elements, there is a lot of little pieces that can lift and have sharp edges. I don’t see the design lasting very long if you have to wipe your car down with any type of cloth. It will lift the corners on every one of those pieces over a short period of time. The way that it really needs to be designed is the topographical part needs to be cut out of a solid sheet so that it’s just the inverse of the way that it is now. This will illuminate some edges. So basically solid red sheet, solid black sheet, then a solid piece of matte black with the designs cut out of it. Or a same concept with a solid red and black sheet printed to eliminate a layer.

Just my two cents:)